Eindhoven to amsterdam with eurail select pass?

Query by Evan H: Eindhoven to amsterdam with eurail select pass?
I am organizing on acquiring a Eurail select pass for 3 countries in five days and I was questioning if the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam would be covered by the pass or if I would have to pay a separate fare for it? I am using Ryanair from London To Eindhoven and will have one day left from my railpass and Netherlands is component of my railpass. I just wanted to make sure that would be deemed element of the national rail. Thanks.

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Answer by tompin
Are you sure you want to use a entire day for a train ride that would not be so costly? It is included since Netherlands is in your selectpass, but you are going to need to get from Eindhoven airport to the train station with a bus or taxi, then the train (frequent, each 15 minutes, Price 17,40 euros, time 1 hr. 20 mins.) But they have direct buses that go from Eindhoven Airport straight to Amsterdam Centraal Station. Just lookon the airport site for Airport express bus:
It expenses 22 euros one way.
If you don’t have any other travel plans for your railpass, you can catch bus 401 from eindhoven airport to the train station and use your pass.

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