How flexibible is the Eurail Global Pass?

Query by johnykid31: How flexibible is the Eurail Global Pass?
I’m thinking of getting the Eurail Global Pass. Do you have to schedule when you want to travel from 1 place to an additional, or can you just display up at the train station and get on the train?

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Answer by LaFeeFan
You can just show up and board specific trains, even so the pronounciation is primarily based on “certain”. A lot of high speed trains need a reservation and a supplemental fee which is not not integrated in the Eurail Pass.


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conley39 January 22, 2013 at 9:36 pm

LaFeeFan is right. Here in Italy, you could pretty much show up and hop on a regional train with your pass, but any of the higher speed trains (Intercity, Eurostar, Alta Velocit√†, TBiz, or the night trains require a supplement/reservation. You have to go to the window in a train station to do that BEFORE you get on the train. There’s a fairly substantial fine if you don’t on top of the charges. Generally, tickets are available up to the time of departure, but there are some periods where it might be difficult to just show up and jump on a train. Typically, the week on either side of Easter requires reservations on most trains other than the regional trains due to the heavy volume. On long weekends (a “ponte” here), trains can be very full going south Thursday night or Friday and going north on Sunday. For example, the 8th of December is a holiday here and the trains will be packed. During that period, the trains going to the northern Christmas markets will also be very full.

You should also look into whether a Eurail pass is an advantage for you or not. You need to plan at least a rough route and caluculate the pass costs including all applicable supplements (using the links that LaFeeFan supplied). Compare this to the point-to-point ticket price on the individual country train websites (search for “train” and the name of the country). There are often discounted fares available if you buy the ticket at least one day in advance. For example, here in Italy there’s an “Amica” fare on many of the higher speed trains that saves up to 20% over the normal fare.

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