Elipsos Trenhotel: Joan Miro to Barcelona

The worse overnight train ever. The toilets are stuck, rooms are small, food cart never came by, and the train smells like urine… 10x worse than China’s overnight trains. Max Speed-200 km/h or 125 mph. Not recommended for tourists who are claustrophobic.XD

10 thoughts on “Elipsos Trenhotel: Joan Miro to Barcelona”

  1. Just used this from Paris to/from Barcelona. The whole train does rock about A LOT thorughout the entire journey with some very weird tilting going on and some loud bangs and knocks as the gauge settings are changes on the border. The food was good but the roomettes very very very very small in Grand Class – think very carefully before using – I am glad I did it as an experience but would not use a Talgo Elipsos train again – at least not overnight – I think I had about 3 hours sleep in total.

  2. Barcelona is a beautiful city I must admit! If you travel by train, I recommend that you travel first class or an enclosed room with only two beds.

  3. the next time i go to spain i really want to go this way. there must if been some good points to the trip?

  4. No, what I live my life for is to teach special needs kids who will never have the opportunities you complain about. And I’m not a Christian.

  5. I was not moaning…
    Is that what you live your life for; to taunt people that doesn’t abide by the 10 Commandments to the extreme? Seriously, my purpose here is to discourage anyone traveling to Spain from avoiding RENFE’s services, not to publicize my complaints.

  6. I wasn’t referring to my paying for your trip, but that Jesus – you know, your saviour, wouldn’t have been such a moaning little pussy.

  7. I paid for my own service and I have every right to complain if there was a toilet leak overnight. Not like you paid for my trip…

  8. I agree, spanish talgo train sucks. They’re horrible and no recommended to travel… so much clautophobic, noisy and alot of movement!

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