Two German Ladies Make An Eco-IT Bag In Poland…

Two German Ladies Make An Eco-IT Bag In Poland…
Computers are the new social currency, and how we carry them around is as much our status as our choice between iOS and XP. Tatjana, from Germany, is the associate of mySTid and partner of Samka, the CEO of an innovative computer bag company …
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Another year on the slopes is just the medicine for Liam
The 18-year-old currently works at Hathersage Pool as a lifeguard and is planning to save up enough money to travel to either Europe or the USA to train full-time later in the year. Unlike many elite sports, mogul skiing receives no funding so Liam is …
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The Dallas-To-Houston Bullet Train Could Change Everything
Japanese bullet trains travel at more than 200 mph. Bullet trains …. Back in the late 1980s, two European-backed firms were competing to win a state franchiseto connect the so-called Texas triangle of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Dallas …
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Rising star: Express ticket to the big time for Bristol hero George Ezra

Rising star: Express ticket to the big time for Bristol hero George Ezra
As well as playing other festivals, including T in the Park, Boardmasters and V Fest, George also took a group of fans on a train trip from Bristol to Budapest. He had travelled around Europe by train while writing his album, but never made it to …
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European travel: Be spontaneous
When I think back on that trip, I'm reminded of the value of tossing the schedule once in a while and living in the moment. There's nothing more liberating than stepping onto a platform, realizing the train on track six is going to Hamburg, and the …
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Gazans say they live in world's biggest prison
This is only the first hurdle in getting out of Gaza. The queuers are not even waiting to cross today – only to fix a date when they might be allowed into Sinai and from there to Cairo airport and the rest of the world. When it comes to the actual day …
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Canyon Lux CF 7.9

Canyon Lux CF 7.9
In continental Europe, marathon racing remains very big news. There are huge numbers of races for the … Pairing big wheels with 100mm of travel means there's just enough give to keep you in the saddle and on line when you're slumped with exhaustion …

Sorry, but trains can't really replace welfare lines
But you don't have to travel far by train to see passengers busily working away on laptops, reading documents and making phone calls. The rationale for the latest proposed railway is even more dubious. … And if the quality of transport connections …

billion later, high-speed rail still inching along
The Obama administration has spent nearly $ 11 billion since 2009 to develop faster passenger trains, but the projects have gone mostly nowhere and the United States still lags far behind Europe and China, where trains on average top 220 m.p.h. Although …
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Travelling With Women – MGTOW

Years ago when I was travelling through Europe, Australia and Egypt for my photography work I would take package deals that would pay for my transportation, …
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Hot Travel Deals - Cheap Vacation Packages Hot Travel Deals – Cheap Vacation Packages. In this short video I will show you one of the best Hot Travel Deals to take vacatio…
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"Tough times do not last, tough people do #staystrong" – Malaysia Airlines Tweet

"Tough times do not last, tough people do #staystrong" – Malaysia Airlines Tweet
Armed pro-Russian separatists stand guard as monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and members of a Malaysian air crash investigation team inspect the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, near the village …
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Global Peril From Returning Jihadis Shown in Norway Alert
In Norway, security services have strengthened their presence at borders, airports and train stations, acting police director Vidar Refvik said yesterday. Police have been asked to cut short their vacations to bolster the effort, … “Because our …
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Time to take off
It's that time of the year again when the Eid holidays descend on Oman and all routes, be they road, air or sea, out of the sultanate are packed with vacationers. Clubbed with the summer school break, it gives families that well-deserved time for some …

Planes, Trains & Automobiles from Bangkok, Thailand to Helsinki, Finland Travel Video

Planes, Trains & Automobiles from Bangkok, Thailand to Helsinki, Finland Travel Video

Our latest adventures have us leaving Thailand en route to Finland where we show you our tuk-tuk and train ride from downtown Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport…
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What’s the best way to travel?

Question by luckyA: What’s the best way to travel?
I have a whole life ahead of me and I have a huge list of places I want to visit and see like Bali, Tahiti, New Zealand and way more. But I’m not sure how to check off every destination on my list!!! Should I go to Purdue and be an airline pilot if I want to go visit places or enter the US Naval Academy and join the Navy or get a regular job and save up money like everyone else? Any other ideas?
When I travel, I would like to hit up every city in that country worth visiting. Like if I were to go to Italy, I would want to go to Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by Luke Hoffmann
Well, it depends on where you are. Some places, like Europe, are usually best to travel by passenger train. However, places like India might be better by air. Australia and the Caribbean might best be seen by boat, and the United States would be best by car. It just depends on where you want to go.

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The very best glaciers for summer time skiing
A funicular train from Tignes&#39 Val Claret region accesses 20km of slopes for all requirements on the Grande Motte, which includes a terrain park, all served by 12 lifts like a cable auto up to the high point of 3456m. Fill your afternoons with a smorgasbord …
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A stranger comes into your home
The other 1 just rented out her residence in the course of a Lapland trip – and received the income for lift tickets and train trips. Meskanen thinks it is natural to … In the German-speaking Europe, &quotZimmer frei&quot signs promote available rooms. England, for its …
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