European Trip 1930s – Amateur Film – Part three of 4

European Trip 1930s - Amateur Film - Part 3 of 4 American Vagabonds on Grand Tour This is my favourite amateur film. The photographer has a accurate interest in places, sights and buildings visited, and most of the footage has high high quality. Some young Americans – “Bill and I” – travel in Europe, probably in 1936 (the airship Hindenburg is noticed passing Cologne heading towards Berlin). They leave New York in march and sail house in the autumn. They go by boat and train and come to numerous places Lisbon, Gibraltar, Algiers, Palermo, Naples, Capri, Monaco, Geneva, Wengen, Lucerne, Cologne, Brussels, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Munich and Berlin. I do not know who these individuals are, or if they did some thing far more than sightseeing during this half year. You get glimpses of individual life, but in the end you discover anonymity. Their tourist viewpoint seems to change during the trip. Initial they see “picturesque” and “strange” issues. Algiers is a “city of contrasts”. They come to “The modern French section”, and then see “some strange sights in the old Arabic quarters”. Some women in hijabs run away from the offensive tourist camera, even though some boys laugh – at the Americans. In Vienna, Budapest and Berlin they see a lot more of the ordinary life in between the fantastic buildings, and they see the Nazis. There are wonderful pictures of Nazis marching in Berlin and of the people watching. Near the finish, now in colour, we see a brown house with vibrant red Nazi flags waving in the wind. Bill stands in front of this residence. Strange adequate, his
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Europe Holidays- Versatility Each Moment!

Europe Holidays- Versatility Each and every Moment!

Traveling is entertaining when you know that you ought to get shocked even following understanding what to count on, as something unexpected is nonetheless positive to come to your way. Europe travel is on such issue. With all the popularities of diverse countries of this smallest continent of the globe you would hardly get a likelihood to feel why in the initial place you had opted to come here but as you will turn into a part of the tradition your Europe holidays will take you to a journey of your lifetime.

Also identified for its winters and winter sports, Europe delivers Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps that delivers best of the facilities with respect to winter fun. Europe holidays are more enjoyed if you are quite knowledgeable about the spot and its festivals. France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Sardinia, Switzerland, Netherland, United Kingdom, and so forth are all portion of Europe and supply distinct enjoyable each time you chose a distinct nation to visit.

Europe travel hence proves to be a in no way ending approach rather than just a spot of go to.
Traveling via trains has been created quick and ecological as compared to the air travel if your travel plan contains European countries like France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, etc. Six main European railway organizations came with each other as Rail Group, proving option expense hassle-free alternative in comparison to airline alliances fro traveling. Eurostar and Thalys train are nicely identified among the new visitors and really typical to EU resident also identified as Inter rail for them. Europe travel would be far more intriguing if you chose them for your travel and for Europe Holidays, you would not wish them to end.
History of Europe is extended and binding. Along with Athens, the Rome, Florence, Venice and the Paris, there are other less visited areas as the Andalucía, the remains of one particular of the Seven Wonders of the Globe in Turkey, St Petersburg and Poland that can give you a sense of fulfillment. Its extraordinary heritage in fashion, art, music, architecture and design are spoken by Antwerp, Copenhagen and Stockholm at just about everywhere. Then there are Norway, Scottish Highlands, Iceland, Alps of France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Southern Poland and Slovakia for scenic beauty of mountains along with Côte d’Azur, Spain’s Costa Brava or Portugal’s Algarve, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Croatia for a beach life to lounge in. Europe holidays are just ringing the bells. Make confident your Europe travel guide is with you!

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Best Destinations for Cycling Holidays in Europe

Best Destinations for Cycling Holidays in Europe

Being a healthy and low-cost alternative to expensive hotels and resorts, cycling holidays in Europe are a great option. Avoid the planes, trains and automobiles for once and have the trip of your lifetime on a cycle. There are many great locations you can head to. If you thought you have seen Europe, it is time you reconsider.


Freewheel through vast open fields and the banks of the rivers in France. There are great cycling pathways to be found in this beautiful country. The lush green of Vers is contrasted by the stony hillside of Rocamadour. There are many such sights to behold, from luscious vineyards to lovely valleys. There are many small cafes and eateries along the way to punctuate your journey. You have to be careful or else you will end up gaining more weight than you lose! Without a doubt, France offers some of the best cycling holidays Europe.


A Bavarian voyage is just one of the many great options for cycling in Germany. The contrast between rural and urban areas is prominent here with wide empty paths and narrow crowded lanes abound. Munich is one of the ideal destinations for cycling holidays Europe. There are villages, lakes, valleys and mountains to view firsthand. A trip through the German capital will prove to be a great choice.


Britain is the perfect place to go for a holiday if you want to bike along the coast. The never-ending coastal lanes go on and on and you can ride without stopping for a long, long time. Try the coast to coast trip which begins in the south of Britain and takes you all the way to the north. Hills and old villages are a constant sight along with breathtaking views of the clear blue water all the time. You get the chance to dip your wheels in the North Sea!


One of the most difficult cycling holidays in Europe, this is for the people who are seeking adventure. The island hopping cycle route requires you to swim and sail across the waters while biking on the land. It is physically demanding but provides great exercise. The beautiful scenery and greenery of the islands make it more than worth the while.


A cycling holiday with a drop of melancholy, a trip to Sicily takes you to some of the oldest structures known to man. Sicily is a dreamland of art and architecture. If you are interested in observing the old buildings and the beauty of the region, then this is one holiday you should make. Plus, you also get to the see the famous ‘Corleone’ town as well!

These are five of the best destinations to head to for cycling holidays in Europe.

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Europe Holidays

train holidays in europe
by F.d.W.

Europe Holidays

Compared to the other continents in the world, Europe is thought to be one of the most prefered destinations in the world. Europe is considered to be one of the most significant continents on the planet, though it is tiniest. The guide for travelers of Europe offers all the required knowledge to envision the journey and the vacation in Europe. It is one of few continents of the world which is awarded with heaps of opulence and attractiveness on almost every walk of the life. Envision your trip ,travel around your destinations on line, set up the cost of your European holidays and bear in mind you have sufficient money obtainable in cash which would see you to the end of your tour. Beyond belief architectures, the amazing landscapes, the marvelous appearance of relief, etc are the most important treasure which attracts the people to come . Those who are in waiting to splurge the holidays of quality to Europe can make certain to spend some good quality time in this continent.

Some of the destinations worth visiting are-

Vienna Vienna, considered to be the heaven for music admirers is well-known for world class musicians like Mozart and Johan Strauss. Destinations such as the Karlskirche Donau Park, St. Stephans Cathedral, Palace of Shönbrunn, Prater and the Wienerwald are on Vienna’s list.

Tuscany The most enthusiastically and keenly vacationed places in Italy is Tuscany, positioned in the east of the Liguarian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Globally well-known tower of Pisa is the most important attraction of Tuscany. Greater part of the buildings in Tuscany is built of white marble from Carrera. Well-known cities in Tuscany are Florence and Siena is well-liked for its radiant and dynamic art work. In addition, San Gimignano, Volterra and Lucca ,Carrara are also stopped over recurrently.

The Black Forest For the travelers who take pleasure in walking throughout the woods and high grounds, Black Forest will be the suitable location. Black Forest is said to be the dwelling of the highest waterfall in Germany. Apart from this, it is recognized to be the grand makers of exclusive wooden handicrafts and the renowned cuckoo clock.

Copenhagen Copenhagen is undersized yet an attractive town. It’s the capital of Denmark, with well well-known contemporary day buildings and historical monuments as well. Places of attraction in Copenhagen are the Little Mermaid, National Museum, the National Gallery, Tivoli Garden and Amalienborg Palace.

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When is it the best time to buy train tickest in Europe?

Question by : When is it the best time to buy train tickest in Europe?
The cheapest time to travel?like which holidays,specials around the year is the best time to buy tickets? and the worst time to buy tickets?

Best answer:

Answer by Willeke
For all tickets that have cheaper tickets for early booking, try before three months before travel, although most come for sale exactly 90 days before travel early in the morning, or even at midnight, so early in the morning on the day they come available is always a good choice.

For the rest, all long weekends are more busy, like Easter, Whit sunday, and all school holidays, specially those around Christmas and the summer holidays.
The busy period around the summer holidays starts already in June, July and August will be most busy, September is still rather busy, after the autumn breaks in October it will be less busy again.

But with early booking and being a little flexible, it is possible to get the cheapest train ticket deals even on the busiest weeks of August.
The worst time to buy is very near the date of travel, or on the day of travel. But there are countries where the tickets do not change price whatever day you buy them, like the Netherlands. And the tickets Belgium to the Netherlands are as cheap for the same day as they are 3 months ahead, unless you want to travel on the high speed train.

This is a good website, with a lot of information about train travel in Europe:
Just browse, there is a lot of information.
For train times, and buying tickets within Germany, try this site:

Give your answer to this question below!

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