Q&A: where can I get a cheap ticket to europe over the summer??

Question by re_love1: where can I get a cheap ticket to europe over the summer??
I am trying to get to Italy and France over the summer and I am aware that flights to Europe over the summer are waaaaaay more expensive than those in the fall. Since I was planning to purchase a rail pass anyway can anyone tell me what are “cheaper” cities to fly into and then rail my way to my destinations. Or any other suggestions for getting to Europe for under $ 900 over the last week in July –


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Answer by mareeclara
The larger ones may have more options flying to them. London Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome might be options there.
Sometimes the smaller and less used ones have cheaper options….its really a matter of trolling thru the websites and seeing whats there and looking for specials. Sometimes the airlines have cheaper options, but usually not.

Some websites I found good are below….skyscanner is better for flying WITHIN Europe…you can pick up some cheap flights on that one as it has most of the cheapest airlines around…….you may try flying to say heathrow and then getting another flight to somewhere else using skyscanner to help.

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Want to go to Europe this winter, tips mom and 2 teens?

Query by pickle: Want to go to Europe this winter, guidance mom and 2 teens?
We want to vacation, I can get free Hyatt stays, but where do we begin? Just mom and two teens, have not taken a getaway with them for years, (they have locally with their dad).Please , any advise on travel, can ultimately afford to do it and want it to be memorable. So not wealthy, just want to feel the way of life of Europe.

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Answer by Willeke
First question for you, what do you want out of the trip?
If you want to get pleasure from winter, a winter sport holiday trip is your greatest bet.
If you want sun, Southern Spain, Italy, Greece and the other locations round the Mediterranean, and very best choose a town or resort exactly where there will be far more individuals their and your age.
If you want to see Europe, the bigger cities are your very best bet, as there most issues remain open round the year, in the smaller towns a lot of small museums and sights will only be open in the weekends.

Don’t forget that traveling in the school holidays is more expensive, that is even much more pronounced in winter.
Hotels and hostels will frequently double their prices in the school holidays and nevertheless be booked solid, although in the weeks around it they might be half empty. So if you can, travel during school term, if not, book ahead.
Even eating out is a lot more pricey when there are a lot of tourists, if just since you can not get into the more affordable locations. Traveling is a lot more high-priced due to the fact the less expensive seats will be sold currently and only the much more expensive ones will be available.

Just before you book a hotel or hostel, or package deal, check the amount of beds in the room, mostly it is single, double or twin, that is two single beds, but occasionally you get family, that is a double and a single or a double and two singles in a bunkbed.
As I do not know Hyatt, I can not guess what they supply.

For long distance travel, the low cost airlines are your best bet, book as soon as you are positive about the date, as rates go up when a lot more men and women book. Train is good for a lot of travel, but it is not low-cost, passes as the Eurail or Interail expense mainly far more than you would spend on seperate tickets, unless you program to be in the train far more than out of it.
Bus travel is cheapest but there is mostly small option in instances of travel and a lot of the connections are overnight, not comfy.


You can get good data in travelbooks, like the Lonely Planet series:

If you want to tour round Europe, evaluate travel rates and travel times, which includes the time and income needed to go to the airports. Typically a a single hour flight will price you most of the day. I had 1 recently where a 6 PM departure ment that I had to leave my hotel round 1PM and I did not arrive ahead of 11 PM. In this case it was nevertheless more rapidly than a ferry, due to the fact that would have been an overnight, but typically, if you can take a train, that will be more quickly.

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How to get the most out of living in London?

rail europe packages
by h de c

Question by Clueless Joe: How to get the most out of living in London?
This summer, I’ll be living in London for 6 weeks as I study global health. All of my living arrangements are set up, etc. and it is all paid for by my school. How can I be sure to get the most out of my time there? I probably won’t get another chance to spend such a long time in Europe.

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Answer by Theresa
Visit all the Things like Big Ben etc etc
Spend time in some of the pubs (our pubs are amazing)
Just go out and meet some people
Watch British Comedy (which is amazing)
Enjoy British food 😉
Ha, we’re in a drought over here, so it might be a little less rainy than expected, but mainly just meet some new people and visit everywhere.

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Europe protests and strikes against financial austerity

Europe protests and strikes against economic austerity

Europe protests and strikes against economic austerity Europeans have staged a series of protests and strikes against rising unemployment and austerity measures. General strikes in Spain and Portugal halted transport and closed businesses and schools while police and protesters clashed in several Spanish cities where 25% of citizens are unemployed, the highest rate in Europe. A 24 hour rail strike in Belgium caused commuter chaos while Spain’s electricity grid registered a 20% drop in usage due to decreased economic activity. Hundreds of flights were cancelled throughout the continent while protestors in Belgium delivered a letter to the EU commissioner for employment, social Affairs and inclusion, congratulating him on winning what they are calling the “Nobel Prize for Austerity”. Commenting on the protests German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that increasing labour market flexibility and especially giving young people more opportunities were key priorities. EU economic commissioner Olli Rehn commented that Spain would require no additional austerity package next year and that meeting existing obligations would be enough to maintain international confidence despite the fact the country is forecast to run a 6% budget deficit in 2013.
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Refund for a cancelled rail journey

Refund for a cancelled rail journey
On June 26 I bought tickets to travel on a regional train and the TGV from La Roche-sur-Yon to Paris on August eight through the Rail Europe Travel Centre. I was arranging a household rendezvous with an old buddy. The cost for two adult, two kid and one particular …
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Hitachi launches European Rail Research Centre
The European Rail Research Centre will be situated within the Hitachi Rail Europe office in central London and will be part of Hitachi Europe&#39s Transportation Energy &amp Environment Analysis Laboratory, European Research Division. The newly established …
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New Rail Connection Launched in Spain
Barcelona Europe South Terminal, a member of the Hutchison Port Holdings Group, has launched a rail service, Very best-Pamplona Express, connecting the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Pamplona, which are about 298 miles apart, the terminal said in a …
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Travel Agent Scott Whited with Destination Travel, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Travel Agent Scott Whited with Destination Travel, North Little Rock, Arkansas

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Rail Europe – European Train Adventure – London to Zagreb

Rail Europe - European Train Adventure - London to Zagreb

My European train adventure began December 24th, 2011 in London, England and completed on January 3rd, 2012 in Zagreb Croatia. This video shows the highlights of my trip, some cool folks I met on the way and some specifics of each and every city in chronological order. The cities I stopped off at exactly where London, Paris, Strasbourg, Zurich, Salzburg, Ljubljana and Zagreb. I haven’t paid any money to Two Door Cinema Club for their song, if you like it, you can download it right here itunes.apple.com

www.raileurope.co.uk. Watch this video for an insight into travelling on board the Eurostar from London to Paris. Travelling by Eurostar to Europe beats flying hands down. Comfy seats and greater value for money.

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www.peak-electronics.de PEAK electronics presented at PCIM Europe 2012 in Nuremberg new DC/DC and AC/DC goods, LED drivers and DIN rail modules. One of the highlights was the confirmed PPM AC/DC energy provide serie with power ratings of 2W, 5W, 12W, which has been expanded with two converter versions with 10W and 20W. The PPM-E energy provide modules are now also available in a compact E package. At PCIM PEAK introduced also the single inline package (SIP) series of AC/DC converters with reinforced pins for enhanced stability on the printed circuit board. The modules function high efficiency and compact type element. For the quickly expanding lighting marketplace, PEAK offered a wide range of LED drivers in compact DIP12, DIP16 and DIP24 packages and also as DIN rail modules.
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