Spain train crash driver cried &#39We&#39re only human!&#39 right after train derailed at

Spain train crash driver cried &#39We&#39re only human!&#39 right after train derailed at
Spain&#39s rail security record is better than the European average, ranking 18th out of 27 nations in terms of railway deaths per kilometres travelled, the European Railway Agency mentioned. There were 218 train accidents in Spain amongst 2008-2011, properly …
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80 dead in Spain crash video catches train&#39s final moments
Santiago de Compostela, Spain (CNN) — The train races into view, and in the space of a heartbeat, the vehicles derail and crash into a wall of concrete, flipping onto their sides and skidding along the track with terrifying speed and force. Safety …
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Ten years of Megabus
rail europe discount
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To celebrate ten years of operation, Megabus has applied unique vinyls to a single of its new Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite i coaches. 54201 swings out of Semley Spot, London Victoria, on the 15.00 M17 departure to Edinburgh by way of Manchester and Preston on Monday 11th February.

The Plaxton Elite i was launched at the 2012 Euro Bus Expo in Kortrijk, Belgium, in November. The ‘interdeck’ design and style gives a 20% increase in capacity more than a regular 15-metre single-deck coach and the lower saloon has space for a wheelchair user, without the want for a ramp into the saloon. There are also 3 seats behind the driver which can be utilized by much less mobile passengers who could not be able to climb the methods. The seats straight above the lower saloon are on a raised platform, which tends to make receiving in and out a bit difficult nevertheless this is presumably not such an concern on extended-distance journeys.


Megabus operations commenced in 2003, with a London-Oxford route starting in August that year and routes in Scotland a month later. Main expansion occurred the following year, with a rapid development of a network of routes centred on London these tended to be to locations close to where Stagecoach already had a presence (and for that reason depots). The model in those days was defiantly low-cost-and cheerful totally-depreciated coaches had been utilized, including a batch of dual-purpose Leyland Olympian double-deckers from Hong Kong roadside pick-up points have been used in preference to paying fees to use bus and coach stations and the booking method was based on the low-price airline model – web only, with the cheapest fares (starting at a headlining £1) promoting out first.

Ten years on, it is clear that Megabus is right here to remain. The Megabus web site now sells discounted Advance fares on other Stagecoach express coach routes, as effectively as on some Stagecoach operated rail franchises these are in addition to development on the core Megabus network. From October 2007 Megabus moved its London operations into Transport for London-owned Victoria Coach Station the ‘internet-only’ rule was also relaxed a tiny as tickets could then be bought over the counter at the Coach Station. The Megabus notion has also spread to North America through Stagecoach subsidiary Coach USA, and there are now considerable networks based on Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Dallas and a number of other cities in the North-East USA. Megabus broke into Europe in April 2012 with routes from London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, which includes a wholly non-UK Amsterdam-Paris route. Rugby-based coaches operate these routes on a three-day cycle.

Megabus’ vehicle policy has moved on as well the &quotpile ’em high and sell ’em cheap&quot method still holds, but the success of the operation now justifies investment in brand-new, state of the art higher-capacity vehicles rather than relying on depreciated coaches 54201 is just a single of eleven Elite i that have not too long ago entered service. Also, Megabus no longer sources all its vehicle and driver requirements from inside Stagecoach organizations a quantity of independent operators are now contracted in to operate Megabus journeys, specifically duplicates and Friday/Sunday timetabled ‘extras’.

Interestingly, Megabus does not seem to have had the effect on National Express loadings that may have been expected, which suggests that there is space in the market place for each operators. Of course coach services are fairly recession-proof, and have a tendency to hold up nicely as travellers appear for approaches of saving cash on the journeys that they require to make. Also, it is feasible that the arrival of Megabus has awakened awareness of coach travel typically some of the strongest development on National Express routes has been on corridors exactly where Megabus also has a presence.

BMW Notion Active Tourer Outside enjoys a day in the sun
The space behind the rear seats is the showcase, with a transformable compartment that can stow two bikes on constructed-in, retractable carriers. Get rid of the front wheel and seat from the bikes, then the frames can be locked into spot making use of two rails and …
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London&#39s ideal outside swimming pools
Receiving there: by Overground to Haggerston or Hackney Central rail to London Fields … It&#39s a fairly big pool (61 × 27m) and a well-known venue for families on sunny days and for wetsuit-clad fitness fiends who use it to train for forthcoming …
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Rail Europe wish you a Pleased New Year 2013 !

Rail Europe want you a Content New Year 2013 ! Direct download:

Watch it to believe it. Whilst Europe`s high speed rail continues to connect much more cities at extraordinary speeds now the very first actually commercial Higher Speed Train …
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Stephen Harper takes fight for free of charge-trade deal with EU to France

Stephen Harper requires fight for cost-free-trade deal with EU to France
Harper, who has a large political stake in a trade pact with Europe, had dinner Thursday night with French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and will sit down Friday with President François Hollande. The talks on a Canada-EU trade liberalization agreement …
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Harper tends to make an additional pitch for EU trade deal to British Parliament
LONDON — Stephen Harper thanked British counterpart David Cameron for his &quotrobust advocacy&quot of a cost-free-trade pact between Canada and the European Union throughout his address Thursday in London to British lawmakers. The half-hour speech, touching on&nbsp…
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UK rail 25% far more high-priced and significantly less effective than Europe
The UK rail network is 23% significantly less efficient than on the continent, despite costlier tickets and higher taxpayer funding, according to the Workplace of Rail Regulation. It has wiped £2 billion off Network Rail&#39s budget for the next five years, although …
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Are We in the Last Days?
In July 2005, radical Islamists bombed the London underground rail program, killing 56 individuals and injuring 700. A month later, Hurricane Katrina plowed into the Gulf Coast, killing much more than 1,800 people. It was the deadliest hurricane … Israel went …
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The Finance curse – my new book

The Finance curse – my new book
The economic lobby&#39s insistence on new transport infrastructure focused on London means far more funds is spent lengthening platforms at 1 London train station than on all the upgrades to Manchester&#39s rail network and the all-crucial hyperlink to Liverpool.
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Markets Live: Investors dump shares
2:51pm: Back home, Fortescue says it&#39s holding talks with several parties interested in making use of its rail and port access to haul iron ore, separate from an application by Brockman Mining to use its rail line. &quotWe&#39re pleased with the progress of these …
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Rail Pass Discounts for 2013
Back in the old days, travel via train in Europe was straightforward. You bought a rail pass. There was one sort. It was good in all the countries that signed up to offer you it. You flashed it at the conductor and that was all you required to do. You went where you …
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Rail project to spawn services sector in Oman
Improvement of the rail project and the connected economic sector would in portion be guided by the success stories of equivalent economies, regardless of whether in South America, East Europe, or elsewhere, he said. The aim, he mentioned, is to maximise possibilities for …
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Rail Europe iPhone App & Mobile Web site

European rail travel is about exploration. Adventure. Arranging on a whim or months ahead to build excitement. There is inspiration all about. Maybe it really is a da…

CGI video from Hitachi Rail Europe detailing the initial views of the new manufacturing plant in Newton Aycliffe for the Hitachi Intercity Express Programme …
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Planning a short trip through Western Europe, can anyone help?

Question by jkidd: Planning a short trip through Western Europe, can anyone help?
Hey, im planning on heading to europe in may with four friends and our taget destinations are as follows: Dublin Ireland(traveling north through he country) London, Paris and then finally amsterdam before flying back to the states. Any advice/tips/strategy on getting from country to country would be greatly appreciated. All feedback welcome.

Best answer:

Answer by Brian
You don’t mention how long you will be traveling. If you are planning side trips from Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam, I highly recommend you get a Eurail Selectpass with the Saverpass option. A Selectpass limits the number of days you can take the trains so you’re not tempted to try to go to too many places, and the Saverpass option is perfect for several people who travel together. (Eurailpasses are not valid in England, sadly, but you can get discounted fares on the Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel between London and Paris by being a passholder.)

If you will not be spending a great deal of time (less than two weeks), you may not need a railpass to venture out into the countryside as you won’t have enough time. In that case, book your train tickets in advance on British Rail and French Rail’s Web sites and take advantage of advance-booking discounts. Travel outside of rush hour or on weekends to save more.

You might also want to check the fares on some of Europe’s low-fare airlines. Visit to determine which airlines, such as easyJet, Ryanair, Air Berlin, Niki, etc., serve the places you will traveling from and to. Note that the budget airlines make up their profits from extremely low fares by being very strict with your luggage allotment. Usually you are allowed 20 kilos (about 44 lbs.) maximum, but it is a great incentive to pack light! Have a great trip. Next time be sure to see some of Germany. Spending the night in a centuries-old castle overlooking the Rhein is an awesome experience!

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House of the Dead Overkill Extended Reduce – E3 2011 Re-Imagined Interview [1080p HD 720p HD PS3]

• Can we get *five* Likes on this video? b゚ー゚)b • This channel has moved please Subscribe to the new MrHDgamespoilers • For HD Trailers Subscribe to this existing channel and visit • If you ever have an idea for a custom graphic t-shirt. Visit MeTee below for a discount coupon • Adhere to me on Twitter • Circle on Google+ • Like HDgamespoilers on Facebook to get all of the most current videos in your newsfeed • Acquire Residence of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut (or any Amazon product) through this link to support this channel • Property of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut The Residence of the Dead: Overkill (ザ・ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド オーバーキル, Za hausu Obu za deddo ōbākiru?) is a very first-individual rail shooter gun game developed by Headstrong Games and published by Sega. It is the fifth video game developed in the The Property of the Dead series, a prequel to the original Property of the Dead chronologically and the initial in the series to be released exclusively on a home console. It was released on February 10, 2009 in North America and February 13, 2009 in Europe. The game was later released in Japan on September 17, 2009 bundled with the Wii Zapper accessory. An Extended Cut edition for PlayStation three, compatible with the PlayStation Move accessory, was released in North America, Europe and Australia in October 2011 and on February 23, 2012 in Japan. Like earlier games in the Property
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