PLLEEEAASSE ANSWER- Can four folks share 1 Eurail International Saver Pass? Or do we require four passes?

Question by crystal: PLLEEEAASSE ANSWER- Can 4 people share 1 Eurail Global Saver Pass? Or do we need 4 passes?
My friends and I (group of 4 ) are going to Europe for 3 months and will be visiting almost all 21 countries. We want to buy the Eurail pass in advance as you cannot purchase one once you arrive in europe. I am confused by the websites where you purchase the passes. Do we only need to buy 1 pass and share it ? Or will we all need one? Also if we are not leaving until June when should we buy our pass?

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Answer by leaves
Never forget to check the FAQ if there is one. 🙂

“The Eurail Saver Pass options allow 2 to 5 passengers to travel together at all times under one single pass which is about 15% cheaper than the normal Adult Pass. The prices listed are per person. Not all people listed on the Pass have to be on the train together, but only one part of the group can travel separately since there is only one Pass with all names listed.”

“You can buy the Eurail Passes up to six months before the first day of validity of your pass. Once you will get to Europe, you will need to validate the Pass at a train station ticket window. This means that the station staff will fill in the first and last day of validity on the Pass which makes the Pass valid.”

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