Eurail Passes…?

Question by alohaforever16: Eurail Passes…?
I am planning a trip to backpack europe with my family this summer… We would visit England, Ireland,Scotland, France,Spain,Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Greece… In the course of two months…. anyways.. I recently asked a question regarding backpacking europe.. and some one said this…..

Don’t buy a EuroRail pass or whatever they try to sell you at the STA Travel Agencies. I didn’t buy one, and went through France, Italy & Greece by train for the most part and spent less on train tix than the pass cost. You can usually just walk into train stations and get tickets without any problems.

Is this True? I would like ur opinions on the eurail passes, Is it necessary for the type of traveling that i would be doing this summer.
Thank you

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