Eurail Passes…?

Question by alohaforever16: Eurail Passes…?
I am planning a trip to backpack europe with my family this summer… We would visit England, Ireland,Scotland, France,Spain,Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Greece… In the course of two months…. anyways.. I recently asked a question regarding backpacking europe.. and some one said this…..

Don’t buy a EuroRail pass or whatever they try to sell you at the STA Travel Agencies. I didn’t buy one, and went through France, Italy & Greece by train for the most part and spent less on train tix than the pass cost. You can usually just walk into train stations and get tickets without any problems.

Is this True? I would like ur opinions on the eurail passes, Is it necessary for the type of traveling that i would be doing this summer.
Thank you

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  1. It depends on how far you plan to go and if you want to do it in little jaunts.
    The beauty of a pass is that you hop a train for an hour long trip but you see something as you are pulling into a station half way so you hop off and get on the next train. You get so that you use your pass as if it were your car. You don’t have to plan your trip so fully because you have ultimate flexibility.
    I checked some ticket prices and found the pass the best deal if you are traveling by train every day, which we found ourselves doing. We rarely stayed in the same city two nights in a row.

    I’ll add another thought…
    Considering there are four of you, would renting a vehicle for part of your trip be more appropriate? More homework.

  2. I’ve travelled to several European countries recently and I would agree wholeheartedly with your friend. Eurorail charges extra commission fees and the ticket ends up being at least $ 20 more than if you buy it in Europe (it is often more than that).

    I visited Britain recently and bought a discount roundtrip ticket for about 20 pounds at Victoria station in London. Eurorail wanted to charge about 80 pounds (that more than $ 100 difference!). Almost every occasion in Europe I’ve found that if you’re willing to be a little flexible with times and stations then it’s much much better to wait to buy tickets until you’re in Europe.

    Eurorail is just more convenient. You never have to worry about tickets being sold out or language problems and the like. But like I said, if you are flexible with times and you are able to make your way around foreign train stations (less daunting than it seems), then your best and by far cheapest route is to just wait to buy them there. Many European train services have websites and time charts in their native language and English so you would be well to Google “Swiss national transit” or “French national rail” and you should find a lot of help and prices that way.

  3. Well this is’nt strictly true.You may be able to walk into a station and buy a train ticket.Getting a seat is entirely different.With your eurail pass you go to the booking office,and allotted a seat for your journey.The eurail pass is worth the money if you intend to travel two/three times a week.You need a separate pass for the UK.Not too sure if it’s value for money.Again if you use it every day,or regularly it will be good value

  4. I traveled with pass before and i will not do it again!! I traveled around western Europe and I got sooooo many problem using the pass.

    Ok, I did’t have any problem in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but I had a big problem in France, Spain and Protugal as they have too less seat on the train. They will not provide you a seat with your pass, you must buy it with normal price. Or you must book your seat few days ahead.

    And in some countries, I can say that it is even cheaper to buy a ticket than using the pass. Most of the time, you need to book your ticket ahead and it costs you between 6-70Euro (70Euro for booking the 2nd class Hotel train from Paris – Spain which was horrible that I couldn’t sleep along the night).

    From your plan, you want to go to many country just like me!! I suggest you to check the cheap flight at It’s easier and cheaper. Think about 12hours from France to spain by train and 2hours by plane.

    After I calculate all the things after my trip, it’s cheaper if I didn’t buy Eurail pass.

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