I just ordered my Eurail pass. Now what?

Question by Danny C: I just ordered my Eurail pass. Now what?
I’ll be backpacking through Europe, and I bought a Eurail pass for a portion of my trip. It is a pass for 7 days of travel over 2 months, and it is for 3 countries (Switzerland, Germany, Italy). The trips that I am using it for are:

1. Geneva to Lucerne
2. Zurich to Munich
3. Pisa to Milan
4. Milan to Venice
5. Venice to Florence
6. Florence to Naples (I will probably take the earliest train to Naples, check into my hostel, and continue on local trains to Pompeii for a few hours and then to Sorrento for a few hours, before returning to my hostel in Naples that night. Just so that I can use the pass for that day instead of buying additional tickets another day that I am in the area…I know it’s not a lot of time in each place but I figure I’ll spend the early afternoon around Pompeii and then dinner/early evening into night in Sorrento…to at least see it while I’m so close and while it’s on the same train line as Pompeii).
7. Naples to Rome

My question is: what do I do now? Everywhere I have read basically says “You ordered your rail pass, therefore you have all of your train tickets [on the one pass].” But I feel like for these long trips between major cities, that I must be missing something. Does each scheduled train set aside a certain amount of seats to take into account the people who have rail passes? I’m just concerned that I’ll get to the train that I plan on taking, and there won’t be a seat for me! Someone clear it up! I know for the Naples-Pompeii/Pompeii-Sorrento/Sorrento-Naples that they’re local trains that you don’t need to have booked in advance, but for a 6-7 hour train ride from Zurich to Munich, it seems to me like I should be needing some sort of confirmation for a seat.

Someone please help me clear this up! Thank you!!
Oops, I realized that the Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento Circumvesuviana Railway is not covered with the rail pass…as far as I know it’s not an expensive trip to begin with and now I have more flexibility in which days I go there while I’m based out of Naples. I just had it planned all in one day when I thought the pass covered just to make the most out of the day of travel. Either way, no worries, disregard that!

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Answer by Rachel
You will need to reserve seats on most trains. And on a lot of them, especially in Italy, you need to book them way in advance.

Deutsche Bahn has most of the train schedules. It looks very expensive, but you don’t have to buy them on there.

I had a company do it for me because I was really confused too. My advice would be to call them:
They don’t charge an insane amount for doing it either.

or some people like seat61 for info:

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