i can now lastly say…I MET Big TIME RUSHH!!!! oh my god, these guys are SOO significantly a lot more remarkable in individual!!! if you ever get the opportunity to meet them, JUMP ON IT!!!! here’s what happened in between me and the guys: ** = action ( ) = me talking [ ] = note absolutely nothing = them talking james – *shakes my hand* how you doin’!? (im excellent!) is the back of your hair red? (ahaha yes) that is rad! whats your name? *i say my name* *signs* thanks for coming out logan – *to me and james* fairly in pink! [i was wearing pink] (hahaha thank you!!) *signs* [i forgot to shake his hand :'[ ) carlos – [he wasnt paying consideration at very first…] *signs* [i stare at him for like five seconds as he stares me in the eyes smiling] *shakes my hand* good to meet you, sweetie! kendall – *shakes my hand* hi how are you? (im excellent!) [i was standing there for like 20 seconds due to the fact the booklets got confused] thats not yours? (oh, no…?) [the booklets get in order] *signs* [him and i are producing eye speak to the whole time] thanks for coming out (thank you!) no problem! ———- james said my hair was rad, logan named me “quite in pink”, carlos and i had CRAAZY eye make contact with, and kendall and i had been momentarily confused Best DAY EVER!!!! **I DO NOT Personal THE MUSIC OR ARTIST IN THIS VIDEO. THE MUSIC IS OWNED BY SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT!!! Nevertheless, I DO Personal THE CLIPS AND Pictures! IF YOU WANT TO BORROW THIS VIDEO, Talk TO ME OR CREDIT ME!!**
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BIG TIME RUSH Meet Their Fans at Planet Hollywood Times Square!

Popstar! Magazine and PopstarOnline.com had been THERE as Large Time Rush donated memorabilia and met with fans at Planet Hollywood Instances Square! Such cute ‘n’ nice boys! Pay a visit to popstaronline.com and twitter.com and/or myspace.com to express your opinions on these rising stars!